We Were Promised Anarchy, But What We Got Was Chaos (2015)

One-person exhibition
Solstice Art Centre,
03 September – 09 October 2015

We Were Promised Anarchy, But What We Got Was Chaos is an exhibition of works that interweave narratives relating to the misuse of the www. This collection of works sees numerous approaches that lament the potential of the www as a platform or device for free expression and democracy. Through the use of an assembly of new and traditional media, Butler’s work here presents the current state of the Internet as a giant surveillance machine-cum-shopping mall.

Manipulated pieces of seemingly unconnected information and online discourse are melded together into artworks. These attempt to critique the nature of image production, consumption and technological infrastructures. Utilising artefacts from Internet history, the works see this territory as profoundly connected to how power operates on a global scale.

This exhibition is a collision of misanthropic narratives, passive aggressive trolling, pop-culture, geo-politics, morose internet existence and cyber-warfare. This exhibition takes a comprehensive, if not subjective look at the function of Reality, as mediated by screen-based interfaces and algorithmic forces in the 21st Century.

Photos by Davey Moor.