Futures 11 (2011)

Installation from Futures 11 Exhibition
Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin. Sept-Oct 2011.

This installation was commissioned by the Royal Hibernian Academy for the FUTURES 11 exhibition in 2011. The multi-artwork installation joyously emblazons the, now defunct, 5-colour terror alert code used by USA (from 2001-2011) as its colour-scheme. The artworks come together in a dizzying spectacle of political, religious and social anxiety as portrayed by internet news outlets. Works include: a politicised remix of the ‘Sex and the City 2’ film trailer (based in Abu Dhabi), an augmented reproduction of a Jehan Sedat portrait (wife of assassinated, 1981, Egyptian president Anwar El Sadat), a rotating reproduction of Gerome’s ‘Bonaparte Before the Sphinx, an online dispute between the Westboro Baptist Church and the Anonymous hacking group, a video containing hundreds of animated GIFs inspired by news media, a 6mx4.5m drawing, an ‘ethnicized’ poster of Miley Cirus, a pepperoni pizza drumkit and a large lightbox branding a slogan critical of the myth that ‘social media will create a new form of democracy’.